A New AR Retail Experience – Only the Brave Wild, by Diesel

AR Retail Experience

The London based company, Inition, in partnership with Electrify, creates the first interactive retail experience for the new male fragrance from Diesel, Only the Brave Wild.
Inition is a multidisciplinary production company specialised in producing installation-based experiences that harness emerging technologies with wjat they call ‘creative rigour’.

They have a track record of over 13 years and many hundreds of installations in the UK and abroad. They like to use new technologies for creative communications, and make them a mainstream trend in marketing. They have been using augmenting reality for over 6 years now. They also use 3D Printing and create virtual realities for consumers worldwide.
Their Demo Studio, showcases the latest developments in virtual reality, augmented reality, gestural interfaces, 3D and holographic displays, haptics, 3D printing and scanning tools. This provides usefull experience for the industry, enabling an informed starting point for any new project.

A New AR Retail Experience

The Diesel AR Retail Experience

On the 30th August the Diesem Ad will start running through to the 1st of September. The ad will be showcased in the ‘Wild Scream Stream Booth’, right in the Atrium. The question asked is: ‘are you brave enough to be wild?’.

Consumers will enter the booth, where they will face a camera that captures a live feed of themselves in front of a urban environment. The participants are prompted to ‘unleash their inner animal’ via their loudest possible yell which in turn triggers an urban jungle to grow over the city. The louder the noise, the more the foliage and trees grow, taking over the entire city. After living the experience, participants can watch their wild, jungle experience as it will be screened on to Westfield’s huge 13m wide LED screen.

Competition among consumers will be encouraged, in order to determine who can create the loudest, most animalistic roarand therefore the most deep jungle.The resulting videos will be sent to participants and social sharing will be encouraged via the hashtag #WildScream. Participants can also upload their wild scream video to YouTube to win Diesel’s Wild Winner of the Week.

The new fragrance Only The Brave Wild is the third in Diesel’s Only the Brave collection after the 2009 original and Only the Brave Tattoo in 2012. Londoners can find Diesel’s Only the Brave Scream Stream Booth at Westfield London, from 30th August to the 1st September.

A New AR Retail Experience - Only the Brave Wild, by Diesel

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