3D Scanning Families!?

In the era of online shared selfies, having a 3D printed model of your own self is indeed spectacular, but how about getting your whole family 3D printed? Twindom company, from Californiais the pioneer of 3D printing figurines that is expanding its work by offering a new service that allows you to 3D scan your entire familiy. An entirely new 3D scanner was developed especially for this project.

Twindom was aware that some of their customers – about 85 percent, to be more specific – were interested in getting 3D printed portraits delivered to their doorstep. So, the company started building the first 3D scanner, two years ago. It instantly became a huge success. It has been since used in malls and public places alike, for 3D scanning families. The patented system works as follows: people get scanned, the scan  sends the information to a computer, that decodes this data into a digitalized 3D model. Then, a 3D printer prints out the 3D model, turning it into a figurine.

3D Scanning Families

The system did not allow scanning bigger groups of people in the beginning. Then, Twindom decided to use the 3D printing for larger groups of people, such as families that would be interested in getting their 3D portrait done. This ideea has potential to become the first application of additive manufacturing ready to enter the mainstream. Apart from being the most innovative use of the technique, this is also a form of 3D printing that anyone can understand, really.

The large 3D scanner can now scan groups of up to seven people. The main target is easily found in malls and at weddings. Although it is quite an expensive investment for some companies – starting price is 60,000 dollars- the investment seems to be easly covered in the first year of use. The price of a 3D print for an entire family is about 175 dollars, with several 3D printing options for 8 dollars each.

Despite the great opportunity that it brings, for companies interested in developing such services and the initial investment, the sistem is friendly to its users. The scanner takes only takes two hours to set up and can be easily transported to any desired location. Right now you can find one in Dusseldorf, one in Tokyo, one at Santa Monica Place in Los Angeles, and one in New York City’s Chelsea Market. The DOOB shop in New York has been a pretty big hit. Will it become the next great thing in making memories?


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