3D Printing a house

3D Printing Might Not Be As Sustainable As Expected


The 3D printing technologies are really showing huge potential for builders and architects alike. Using concrete as a main sculpture material, without all the messy, hard work of framing and pouring into shapes could prove to be one of the greatest steps constructions ever made, in the last years. All dreams regarding the ideal – cheap and fast to make – home, that can save the world living in these huge urban spaces that we still call cities are facing 3D printers now.


3D Printing a house

3D Printing a house

3D Printing Sustanability

The idea that 3D printing will prove to be the most revolutionary way of building, from all considered perspectives – architecture, design, ecology – is slowly coming to a turning point, as the sustainability of the houses built so far is raising serious concerns. Two of the most claimed advantages of these houses, printed in 3D, were the fact that construction waste is eliminated and the materials used for printing will all be green. Two claims that are now facing serious questioning.

Firstly because although the waste seems to be eliminated within the process, the materials that are used are only as green as the owner allows. Plastic houses do not seem to be very attractive, in this respect and the transportation of the materials used in order to 3D print a house still has a huge carbon footprint. By bringing on the advantages of a printed, continuous material, 3D printing will soon be utilized to a functional extent on difficult corners and openings – as areas that face the most problems, due to water infiltration and such external factors.

Sustainability of a whole structure being printed is another discussion. It depends on the material chosen for printing, the way it is obtained and processed, and the lifespan it has. Seems like every emerging technology, keeps one hand on the ladder that brings consumption to a steady and sure increase for the future.

3D Printing - House

3D Printing – House

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