The 3D Printed Robot

3D Printed Robot

Ever since man started building machines, he imagined being abe to create a machine that would resemble it==his own appearance and abilities. Sci-fi is full of examples of the way man imagined such machines. How it looks now, that we are actually able to build such robot, is a whole different story. Imagine a robot that can dance and dj, talk and even take care of your kids while you are away at work! The XLR-ONE, dubbed “the droid you’ve been looking for,” is the project of robotic and 3D-printing enthusiast Antonios Ameralis.

This is a boxy white robot with only one eye. It is equipped with a WiFi Camera, powered directly by the EZ-B v4 WiFi Robot Controller. As described by its creator, the CEO of XLR Robots, the XLR-ONE features “classic sci-fi design” and full motion robot arms that are extremy mobile due to the five points of movement. Its fingers that look more like claws open and close for grabbing and holding objects, while wrist, elbow, and shoulder have 180 degrees of motion, very similar to the humans ones.

Another feature of this robot, the custom XLR-ONE themed EZ-Builder app allows you to control it simply using your Android or IOS mobile device. Moreover, you can also control the XLR-ONE via PC and voice commands. The XLR-ONE is fully expandable via EZ-Builders simple drag and drop interface.

What is absolutely new and incredible about this robot is the fact that it is a 3D printed robot. Ameralis says that the bot can actually assist in teaching his children via flash cards, it can always bring you things, when needed and even provide home security, for that matter. “My mother-in-law owns a banquet hall, and we brought it to a birthday party,” Ameralis says. “We had all the music programmed and run through Wi-Fi. With the facial recognition and a QR code, the robot was able to recognize the birthday boy and was able to follow him around, take requests, and name and play songs.” That must be any boy’s dream!


Because the XLR-ONE is customizable, it can be programmed to perform any task you may wish to ask for. Ameralis has launched it on Kickstarter, wishing to raise $10K.

“The difference between this and other products, is the price point. It’s way below a lot of others on the market.” Also, “this robot is designed to be visually pleasing and fully functionally. It can run around your house without wires coming out everywhere.”




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