3D printed ornaments

3D Printed Ornaments Are Decorating The White House Tree

3D printed ornaments are hung on the White House Christmas tree this year and they’ll be decorating the halls of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, soon.

3D printed ornaments

The 3D printed ornaments were designed by some of the most talented artists. Their shapes and names embody the spirit of the holidays and the beauty of the winter nights all together. It is a good reminder of how we all need to “put hatred aside and pay it forward” says winning designer Roy Eid.

The trend of the DIY is strongly encouraging people to make their own tree ornaments. It can be pretty festive and involving for the whole family. But how does it feel seeing your ornaments hanging on a White House Christmas tree? Surely boosts up your ego nice and high!

There are five designers that will get to experience that thrill of seeing their ornaments displayed in the East Wing this holiday as winners of a White House 3D Printed Ornament Design Challenge. The themes explored were fairly common, like peace and harmony and even some that pay tribute to government institutions and past US presidents – in the most common American style.

The challenge was launched by the White House, in partnership with the Smithsonian and Instructables. Asking the DIY community to submit their ideas was one of the most daring acts of the cabinet. Over 300 artists from all over the US took part in the competition.

Some of the winning ornaments were created to reflect peace on Earth and good will toward others.

“I wanted to do something inspired by one of our family’s favorite DC destinations — the Reading Room in the Library of Congress’ Jefferson Building,” confessed one of the winning designers. “The beauty of the building and the knowledge within is a great testament to the best of mankind and all the accomplishments yet to come.”

“Paying tribute to the White House and US Presidents, 44 shining stars orbiting the Christmas Star pay homage to the 44 presidents who have led this nation since the days of George Washington,” Hall said about his “Presidents of Christmas Past & Present” ornament.

The winning 3D ornaments are programmed to be displayed in the Smithsonian’s state of the art online 3D data platform, after the holiday season. They will also become part of the more extended collection of White House ornaments within the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

3D printed ornaments


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