3D printable ‘Dog’s Game’

3D printable 'Dog's Game'

The revolution started by 3D printing is surely one of design and production. Not only is it so much more easy to create a model of the design that someone imagines, but it is just as simple to create several products, at small scale production, without the costs of putting together an assembly line and paying some workers to supervise it constantly.

Now, design concepts that wereprobably left aside in some designer’s notebook are able to come to life, easier than ever before.  The road from design to product no longer includes some corporate board meeting that decides whether to send something off to be manufactured or not. If somebody has an idea for a new toy, game or any other invention, they can just test it out. By creating a single 3D print and posting it online to share one can tell if the product will be a successor not, based on the number of shares and reach.

The 3D print marketplace has made it easier than before, for designers and inventors to share their concepts with the whole world.  The marketplacețs role is to bring well-crafted 3D printed objects to a new generation of consumers. These consumers are interested in receiving their products fresh off of a 3D printer, with no interess towards what is popular or advertsed, anymore. But with a strong desire for usefull and unique products.


Empezando Diseño is one of the designers that benefitted from this new marketplace. He created a 3D printing a game for dogs that is capable of being 3D printed by any dog owner, around the world. The “Dog’s Game” is a3D printable set that mainly consists of a variety of pieces that act together as to hide food for the dog to find.  Such games helps the animal to develop their nose and teaches them methods of eliminating obstacles in order to reach their prize.  All in all, the game consists of 6 small pieces and one large centerpiece. Depending on the desired degree of difficulty, there are four renditions of the game based on four separate piece forms.  You can download the 3D printable files, and start playing with your dog!

3D printable 'Dog's Game' 3D printable 'Dog's Game'



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