3D images

3D Images Used as Listing Photos Simmer Up Real Estate Marketing

Of the many trends that are making an entrance this year, the 3D photography is the most popular one. As the real estate market is starting to re-launch after the economical crisis that seems to be a thing of the past, now, real estate agents are trying to find out what are the most impressive and convenient ways to show listings to their customers.

The newly developed technologies that include 3D images, virtual tours, walkthroughs and interactive architectural presentations are all claiming their ground in the real estate marketing field. It is more than simply showing a one angle view of the property. The 3D images are creating the feeling of actually visiting the place and taking a walk around it.

Many of the real estate giants in US and Canada are starting to consider using 3D images for all of their listings. Apart from the obvious impression of futuristic representation and professionalism, the 3D images allow the customer o gather more information, prior to calling he agent. This means that more of the calls that an agent receives will be likely to end up closing a deal. Therefore the efficiency of the real estate agents is surely superior, due to the investment that they are making in technology development, such as the 3D images, the virtual tours or the interactive presentations available on their online platforms.

How do the real estate agents feel about such progress? ‘It’s a big differentiator from other agents and brokerages, and it’s just plain cool’ confesses one of Redfin’s agents. Apart from that, Homes that have a more professional presentation online, seem to be selling 1/3 faster than other similar properties. And since over 90% of home buyers look for a new house, online, you can easily do the math.

Other 3D images that create impressive point of views

Apart from the 3D images that boost up the selling of a house, the virtual tours that include drone footage seem to be making quite a fuss. Landscape and surrounding natural beauty is best described in such a manner. And home buyers are now looking for more than just indoor facilities. A beautiful neighborhood or natural landscape could make a great difference.

3D images

3D images

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