3D Food Printing – 3D Printing Cookies for Santa

3D Food - printing cookies

3D food is definitely the ultimate food trend of the year! 3D printing your Christmas cookies and saving them for Santa Claus is no longer just a winter fairy tale. Foodini is a 3D printer that will make your design and turn it into a really delicious cookie, just ready to eat! The designs can be created by you or simply ordered online and sent straight to your home, as Reuters is announcing.

All you need to do s find the design that you like and select it. Thinking about some chocolate cookies? Or are really feeling the holiday spirit and craving for some ginger and orange bits? Do you like fluffy panettone or are you more into biscuits and biscottis? All possibilities are open if you can choose one of the recipes available for the great master chef called Foodini.

As Lynette Kucsma is demonstrating. Simply choosing the 3D design that you prefer and pressing print is simple and fast. Might just be the quickest alternative to buying all those products loaded with chemicals and preservatives that you find in the supermarket. Healthy like the dough that you make at home, but nice looking and simple to make like a patisserie product that you might find for sale. The perfect product to have a sweet tooth for is definitely ready to receive a prize!

As the management is announcing, however, the grand Foodini will not be ready to receive the first orders quite yet. So you’d better start baking for Christmas! Just keep in mind that it might actually be ready for launch next Easter time.

The opportunity given to ordinary people that want to develop a more creative baking side of their life is surely going to make Foodini famous. And as the researches show, all those sweet cravings that you get at late hours might see a perfect match. The great thing about it is definitely the fact that you get the chance to eat a freshly baked baking product, free from artificial ingredients and preservatives, that also comes with a simple touch of a button.

Foodini is connected to a cloud database, full of recipes that the machine can print. Loading the ingredients is a task to take. The rest is fully automated, making it easy and fun to use Foodini. Best news is that Foodini can also be programmed to print pizza and other savory food, too.

 3D Food

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