3 Ways to Really Reach Your Audience through Online Marketing

online marketing

As the latest studies have shown, the way people do the research for buying a home nowadays has changed dramatically. It is no longer common to drive or walk around a neighborhood that you fancy and just look around for signs of houses that are for sale. Neither is the habit of visiting open houses familiar to home buyers today. Actually, the majority of home buyers are looking for a new home online. The recent study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, in U.S. shows that over 90% of those who buy a new home do that by looking online.

The process of finding a new home usually takes 6 to 12 months and is definitely a well documented one. The idea of simply taking the first offer is no longer standing. Home buyers are even doing their research regarding which real estate agent they choose to work with. Talk about investing in an online presence and a good online marketing reputation!

online marketingFor those of you that want to stay focused on the online marketing and be consistent and relevant for your target audience, here are 3 simple rules that will help you achieve your goals:

Be present on social media

As people are starting to rely on the information provided online, the first check point they turn to is social media. Having a Facebook or Twitter account is definitely as important as having a business card on you at a client meeting. Make sure you follow trends and update your online marketing For instance, Pinterest is now one of the fastest growing platforms, with millions of users worldwide. Simply having an account is no longer sufficient. Posting regularly and providing relevant information on a daily basis is the way to keep going.

Register on local review sites

As the amount of information out there is growing, review sites are getting more and more traffic. It is more than just a proof of being reliable, people like to have some way of checking the information they find and personal reviews are the most trustful source. Having happy customers is the best way to market yourself!

Present a well designed and easy to use website for your business online marketing

Your website is the most powerful tool that you have. Having it done by a professional is more important than you might think. Consider constant improvement based on the feedback that your visitors are providing and be an authority in your domain of business! Look into the latest trends and give your customers what they need. If virtual tours are the way they prefer looking for a house to buy, wait no more! Proving that you know their needs is the way to get closer to closing the deal!


Go virtual for a sustainable future

Caring about a sustainable future The future of our planet is a serious matter that more and more businesses have started to consider. The environment must become an economic priority for many companies, as the discussion around sustainability is more alive than ever. Despite the possibility of slower growth when it comes to sales, having a more eco-friendly approach for

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The future of museums

As technology evolves in front of our eyes, it’s obvious that more and more of the classics are being brought to the current times. That applies to museums as well. Usually seen as tourist attractions, museums provide us with history and representations of the past and are fine examples of how people perceive these places: a must when you go

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panorender virtual environment
Virtual Reality
PanoRender: working with the future in mind

A few years ago, someone had an idea. He started working towards having that idea come to life. Then someone else came along and helped. Then someone else and so on and so forth. A business was born. This sounds like every other generic story of how things appear in this world. But that’s just the way things work; the

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online configurator
The usefulness of online configurators

In this day and age, pretty much everybody is using the internet and staying online for at least one hour daily. We are connected with the world in a never seen way, up to date with news from even the smallest cities (one search is enough to find out what’s happening anywhere). A rising trend has been consumers searching for

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virtual events
The rise of virtual events

The premise of virtual events We’ve all dealt with the consequences of the pandemic: from staying indoors to wearing a mask almost everywhere. Businesses were impacted but PanoRender quickly understood the assignment and transformed something unexpected into something to work on, thus our entrance into the virtual events game. Let’s talk for example about how Microsoft’s annual Ignite 1-week conference

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The future of Real Estate Development and Architecture

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two markets with high growth in the past few years and have even bigger growth potential for the future of Real Estate, Architecture, and not only. Especially when taking into consideration how the COVID pandemic has accelerated this movement. Great products have been developed such as Oculus Quest 2 that allowed for the VR

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A novel way to interact with digital environments

Over the past decades, the Internet has elevated the way people live. It revolutionized how we communicate, research, think, do business, and basically everything else. In the beginning, it was all ugly and slow. Most of us remember. However, it has evolved beautifully. Now we usually are not at the mercy of internet speed. Unless you’re in an isolated place,

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How will people interact with the web in 2025?

The internet has become more than just a nice perk, it became woven into our everyday life. We use it for payments, work, entertainment, communication, and everything else. Now even cars are using it for various features. Nonetheless, the Internet has been one of the defining factors of our society and it helped in booming our economy over the past

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