3D modeling

In the world of computer design and animation, 3D modeling is the process that develops graphics and images that imitate real life. The start up of this is usually a sketch or an illustration. Further on, the process is a highly complicated one. It involves illustrating the image of the object, rendering and recreating the textures and lighting that makes it look real.
3D modeling is well used in gaming, movies, and entertainment, though it is also helpful in some medicine projects and engineering projects. In involves a whole team of professionals that need to take each detail of the object and make it appear as close to reality as possible. Designers usually use one of four modeling methods, namely polygonal, primitive, non-uniform rational B-spline, or splines and patches. These are all complicated methods that involve the usage of various rendering and modeling software. Choosing one of these methods is usually a matter of targeted goal or preferred software usage.

How 3D modeling is done

Once a 3D model of the object is created, it can be used further on, for printing out a 3D real object, using a 3D printer. 3D modeling is useful in object design, as it allows the designers to visualize the object and evaluate it properly. Finding the mistakes and the flaws prior to the production phase is very efficient in regards to costs and time. It is also a very impressive way to present a design. Just imagine knocking your audience off their feet by revealing a real object that is ready to try out! 3D modeling simply takes marketing to a higher dimension.
3D printing the object that was modeled using the same technique makes the object ready for usability and endurance tests. It is amazing what we can create in a single day, using a 3D printer! From houses to chairs and cars, the limit is practically nonexistent, as long as you can render it properly. Here are a few incredible 3D printing projects that take the 3D technology to another level.

3D modeling
3D modeling

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